Know How

peauceros know-how for quality gloves

The unique know-how of PEAUCEROS enables the manufacture of durable and quality gloves.

Discover our difference.

Gloves made in France

Created in 1976, PEAUCEROS is located in Deux-Sèvres, Nouvelle-Aquitaine. We specialize in the design and manufacture of leather gloves. Our product range is very varied.

We maintain our business in France thanks to our manufacturing quality, our responsiveness and our sense of customer service.

PEAUCEROS has known over the years, with its experience and the quality of its productions:

  • Develop products adapted to specific requirements with the mastery of design and manufacturing in France.
  • Diversify its clientele in specific sectors of activity and in leisure.

Quality leather gloves

We take care to work with a large majority of tanned leather in France. They guarantee the regularity of supply and the quality of the leather thanks to systematic certificates of conformity.

Our suppliers have taken REACH regulations into account over the past few years, and we have full confidence in them. They have taken real steps to integrate environmental aspects at all levels of the company and at all stages of their activity that could have an impact on the environment.

Continuous quality control during manufacturing

We have permanent control at all stages of production, from the entry of materials to the shipment of finished products. This allows us to deliver products of impeccable quality.

Comfortable and durable gloves longer

We work in partnership with our customers to improve the quality and durability of gloves so that the purchase price is not the reference, we always compare in cost of use. Our gloves have a longer life span than import models and guarantee a high quality of protection and comfort.

A range of gloves for all your needs

PEAUCEROS offers you a wide range of gloves, adapted to your professional or leisure needs: coqué gloves for wine growers, welding gloves very resistant to the heat, gloves lined and comfortable to withstand the cold, gloves beekeepers…


Our mission: protect your hands !

Our motto is to protect your hands as best you can by allowing you to work comfortably.

This is why we control all production at our workshop in France, all operations are controlled and no defects arrive at the customer.

Our values at the service of our customers

The satisfaction of our clients is our priority, to do so, we promote the values of respect and integrity.

Compliance with the specifications, compliance with the deadline and compliance with quality are constantly present from the development of the product to the delivery of the finished products. Our exchanges with partners (customers or suppliers) are transparent, we base our relations on trust and benevolence.


RELIABILITY : On the quality of manufacturing and delays thanks to the involvement of all people. The checks are carried out at all stages of manufacture in order to deliver a product 100% in accordance with the customer’s order.

COMPETITIVENESS : The French Manufacture allows to produce high quality gloves with a durability far superior to the import gloves.

REACTIVITY : We have the ability to respond to any urgent order through the agility of our organization.